Install spacer for Tefal Optigrill (all models)


Tefal Optigrill spacer presentation


Instruction manual

To install the spacer for your Tefal Optigrill, watch the video below:

1st step (only for non-elite models)

Install the locking clip on the bottom of the drip tray

Nice-to-know: We do not include a locking clip for the Elite models because they are fixed by design. Without the locking clip, the drip tray can slip out of the normal models when the spacer is used.

Step 2

The rounded protrusion goes on the top of the Optigrill handle, while the square protrusion attaches to the bottom of the drip tray.

Step 3

The spacer between the plates can now be adjusted using the knob on the spacer. While the button is pressed, the spacer can be adjusted in length.

Tipp: Numbers are printed on the side of the spacer, which you can use to remember positions for frequently set sizes. So you can easily find them again the next time.