Der Abstandshalter für den OptiGrill

The spacer for the OptiGrill

Keep distance! 😷

Stay away from squeeze burgers and flounder toasts 🍔

By the Top plate weight The Tefal Optigrill has already become a lot Lunch crushed . With this spacer this is now a thing of the past, because toasts, burger patties or any grilled food can be placed through the spacer protected from excessive pressure .
Mom doesn't bother you anymore because you messed up everything with cheese when you messed up yours Pattie baked with cheese have. The spacer allows the grill plates to be locked so that the top plate hovers just above the cheese.


  • Melt cheese without mess 🧀
  • No more squashed food 🍔
  • Bake cakes without streaks 🍰

Through the Height markings Previously used positions can be easily found on the side of the spacer.

Extension - Size matters 📏

Now you can finally celebrate your birthday streak-free cake give away. Without it, your cake will look more like a bratwurst. Because it's the length that counts.😉 We developed the extension so that even larger grilled food is not crushed and the grill plate can float above the baking tray. The spacer has been slightly shorter since this version (v2) in order to be able to support thinner grilled food, which is why we recommend the extension not only for baking tray users!

High heels for the Optigrill 👠🧇

Your shoe closet is bursting at the seams, but you still want one last pair? These are the only high heels you really need! With this extension for the Optigrill you can bring the grill plates horizontally. Potato pancakes, skewers, fried potatoes or anything else that rolls, slides or drips off the plate can be prepared in the Optigrill.

Locking clip 🥪

The Elite models do not require an additional clip as the drip tray is already stable enough. The offer therefore only includes the spacer (without clip).
The remaining models require the locking clip already included in the offer so that the shell cannot slip. The clip works both with and without waffle plates and their brackets. The offer includes both the clip and the spacer.

The clip can also be used with the waffle plates be used 🧇

Instruction manual 📄

Here you go Operation manual .

Care instructions🧼

The item is not dishwasher safe. Therefore please wash by hand.

Made in Germany 🇩🇪

The spacer was designed by our German design team and is produced in our German 3D printing factory.

Our environmental promise ♻️

We ship the spacer in completely plastic-free outer packaging. We also participate in the dual system in Germany, whereby we finance the recycling of packaging with the Green Dot.
The filament used for our 3D printing is made from a purely plant-based plastic.

Production quality ✨

Every part must pass our quality control after production. If a part is not delivered fully functional, we will of course replace it free of charge. We use particularly high-quality filaments to ensure maximum print quality. However, streaks caused by the manufacturing process can still be seen.

Disclaimer 📄

This is not a Tefal brand product, but an in-house development. This is an accessory for the Optigrill which is not fireproof - therefore we are not liable for damage caused by improper use.

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